Irish bishop says Catholics should ‘resist’ new abortion regime

Bishop Kevin Doran said the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Bill had no moral force and ought to be resisted

The Tablet

Sarah Mac Donald

Obstetricians and GPs have expressed doubt that Ireland’s new abortion service will be ready for 1 January as they believe the timeframe for establishing the service is too tight. . .

. . . Meanwhile, the bishops, in a statement following their Winter General Meeting in Maynooth, said they were dismayed that, for the most part, the voices of those who voted against abortion in May’s referendum have been ignored. . .

. . . Separately, Bishop Kevin Doran has called on doctors, nurses, teachers and pharmaceutical workers to “resist” the new abortion regime. . . [Full text]

Bishop urges professionals to resist abortion laws

The Irish Independent

Susan Gately

A leading bishop has called on doctors, nurses, teachers and pharmaceutical workers to “resist” the new abortion regime.

He urged such professionals to “stick together” in their resistance to the new law.

Bishop Kevin Doran said the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Bill, which is before the Seanad this week, has no moral force and must be resisted. “Catholics have no obligation whatsoever to obey this law,” he told the Irish Independent. . . [Full text]

Healthcare Professionals As Agents of Healing

From Welcoming Children with Disability

Conference on Abortion, Disability and the Law
Jointly Hosted By Anscombe Bioethics Centre & Consultative Group on Bioethics of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, 20 October, 2017

Bishop Kevin Doran*

I find that people are sometimes surprised when I say that the Church is not against death. The reality, however, is that death is part of the human condition. It is an essential element of the Church’s mission to help people to prepare for death, in the hope of the Resurrection. The first references to this, our “ultimate end” are already to be found in the Rite of Baptism. So, we are not against death. But we do see each human life as a gift from God, which is not ours to dispose of. . . Full Text

Priest resigns after Mater Hospital agrees to comply with Irish abortion law

Father Kevin Doran of Dublin has resigned from the board of the Mater Hospital following its public statement that it would comply with the new Irish abortion law, which has not yet come into effect.  Fr. Doran had previously said that it would be inconsistent with the Catholic ethos of the hospital to provide abortions.  The Catholic Archbishop of Dublin in making enquiries about the hospital’s position. [The Journal]


Irish government signals intention to force Catholic hospitals to provide abortion

Physician recommends expansion of abortion services beyond designated facilities

Quoting an unnamed official of the Irish Department of Health, the Irish Independent has reported that the Irish government intends to force Catholic hospitals to provide abortions under the new Irish abortion law.  The official is quoted as saying that the new law provides for conscientious objection for individuals, but the exemption ” does not apply to a hospital.”

The Irish Independent also reports that Dr. Kevin Walsh, a cardiologist at Mater Hospital, Dublin, has said that more hospitals should be designated to provide abortions, as he believes that the obstetric hospitals do not have the resources to manage women who are “pregnant and critically ill with heart disease.”   Abortions in such circumstances would be better provided in acute care hospitals, he said, “on an urgent planned basis rather than immediate emergency basis.”