PDForra seeking conscientious objection rights

The Irish Examiner

Sean O’Riordan

The association representing the country’s frontline Defence Forces has taken a case to the Council of Europe to force the State to recognise the right of soldiers, sailors and aircrew to register as conscientious objectors.

PDForra, which represents 6,500 enlisted personnel, is leading the case on behalf of sister organisations in Denmark, Greece, Cyprus and the Netherlands. The Irish case has been lodged through Euromil, the umbrella body of European military representative associations, and argues that not recognising conscientious objection breaches Human Rights legislation. .. [Full text]

One thought on “PDForra seeking conscientious objection rights”

  1. Conscientious objection to military service usually occurs as a result of conscription, but the Irish army is a volunteer force. It would be unusual for someone with conscientious objections to combat to volunteer for military service except in a non-combat specialty, like medicine. However, this case is clearly intended to secure a right to conscientious objection for people who have volunteered for combat roles in the Irish military. The development is consistent with the notion that military conscientious objection ought to be broadened beyond the usual scope (a principled objection to all forms of combat service in all circumstances) to include “selective” conscientious objection to participation in particular wars judged to be morally unjustifiable by serving members of the military.

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