Prominent Masschusetts physicians advocate civil disobedience

A former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine and a professor at Harvard Medical school are urging that American physicians practice civil disobedience by refusing to obey laws that block access to abortion and contraception.  “The unspoken assumption by state legislators seems to be that doctors will,” write Marcia Angell and Michael Greene,”. . . acquiesce with these new laws, that they are simply neutral agents who will comply with whatever the state orders.”  They argue that physicians “have ethical commitments to patients that they cannot and should not be required by state law to set aside.” [USA Today]

One thought on “Prominent Masschusetts physicians advocate civil disobedience”

  1. What is remarkable is that the authors appear to be appealing to physicians to exercise freedom of conscience in support of abortion and contraception, while denying the legitimacy of the exercise of freedom of conscience by physicians and others opposed to such services.

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