Quebec euthanasia statistics

10 December, 2015 to 9 June, 2016


Quebec passed An Act Respecting End of Life Care (ARELC) in June, 2014, purporting to legalize euthanasia in the province.  In February, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada effectively ordered the legalization of physician assisted suicide and physician administered euthansia in Canada by striking down the criminal law to the extent that it prohibited the services (Carter v. Canada).  The Court suspended the ruling for a year and later extended the suspension to give governments the chance to enact new legislation.  Amendments to the Criminal Code were finally passed in June, 2016.

ARELC did not come into effect until 10 December, 2015.  It is more restrictive than the Supreme Court ruling and the Criminal Code provisions in that it does not permit assisted suicide and imposes some limits on euthanasia not found in the Supreme Court decision.

Health and social services agencies established by the government throughout the province are the state agencies responsible for responsible for the delivery and coordination of health care in the province administrative regions.  These are called Centres intégrés de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) and Centres intégrés universitaires de santé et de services sociaux [CIUSSS).  Some administrative regions (like Montreal and the Quebec City region) have more than one CISSS or CIUSSS.

In June, 2016, these agencies sent reports to the commission established by ARELC to monitor the administration of euthanasia in Quebec (Commission sur les soins de fin de vie).

The Project has compiled the statistics in tables and charts to make them readily available.  An Excel file with all tables and charts and links to the original reports can be downloaded here.

Euthanasia requests

Response to euthanasia requests

Euthanasia requests fulfilled

Reasons euthanasia requests not fulfilled

Frequency of euthanasia requests

Frequency of euthanasia

Mortality rates

Quebec, Belgium and Netherlands

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